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The Aktarian Chronicles 1 : Icy Hot

The Aktarian Chronicles 1 : Icy Hot & Deep Heat by B J McCall
The Aktarian Chronicles 1 : Icy Hot & Deep Heat
Author: B J McCall
Number of Pages: 314 pages
Published Date: 30 Jul 2004
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
Format: eBook
ISBN: 9781843609483
File size: 44 Mb
Download Link: the aktarian chronicles 1 icy hot & deep heat

Icy Hot By B J McCall Lord Chancellor Aaxis Thrane wants peace, an end to the war raging between his home planet of Sark and the ice world of Glacid, and he's willing to risk something far more difficult than a full-scale attack. He kidnaps Tayra, the Princess of Glacid, not to hold her for ransom, but to impregnate her and force peace through a political marriage. He knows Tayra is entering her annual fertile cycle, the blessed time when she is at her sexual zenith. After months away from home and his harem, Aaxis is ready for a new kind of war. Knowing conception is impossible without orgasm, Aaxis must convince his enemy to accept both his plan and his seed... Deep Heat By B J McCall Ria Torr has a few hours to kill on space station Pyxis. The handsome Aktarian offering to buy her a drink makes those hours memorable and she nearly misses her departure schedule, a costly mistake for the Sarkian captain of the commercial freighter Telem. Civil war is brewing in the Vidarian System and Royal Prince Gyrr Thrane's mission is peace. A rebel leader has requested a meeting on outer-station Zeon, but an official recognition of the rebels is impossible. Traveling incognito as a sex consort, Gyrr is unable to resist the Sarkian beauty. Once his mission is concluded, the Prince is determined to win Ria's heart and change their passionate quickie into a long-term relationship, but a Vek attack changes the lovers' parting. Ria saves Gyrr's life and provides his transportation to space station Zeon. By the time the Telem docks, the sex consort has proved he is well suited for his choice of career. The rebel leader's information is as unbelievable as sex with Ria. The Telem is transporting illegal weapons destined for Vidar and Ria's complicity is evident. Betrayed by her crew and accused by the man she loves, Ria must prove her innocence despite the secret past that condemns her.

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